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YouTradeFX is an internet brokerage and investment firm. Through our company’s website and trading platform, traders can invest in CFD’s (certificates for difference) on stock, commodities, indices and the foreign exchange market (Forex).

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, performance and our corporate values: delivering the optimal trading environment, unparalleled in quality and function, and supplying every client the highest levels of service at all times.
YouTradeFX caters to a growing client base of private and institutional traders, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, providing specialized trading services in over 10 languages. We are committed to providing our clients and partners with the most comprehensive and competitive trading solutions in the industry, delivering tighter spreads, excellent liquidity, the highest level of customer service and technological innovation.

YouTradeFX offers the latest range of trading technology, featuring the powerful, MetaTrader 4 trading platform for individual traders and multi account platforms for asset managers. We also offer our cutting edge web trading application and will soon introduce a mobile PDA and smart phone solution for trading on the move.

Through our in-house R&D department we inspire our clients to become smarter traders, offering premium, daily technical analysis, macroeconomic reports developed by a team of professional experts with extensive Forex industry experience.

YouTradeFX has developed automated trading tools (expert advisors, custom indicators and scripts) that require minimal intervention and allow traders to automate their trading strategy, improve discipline, remove emotion, and capture opportunities. Traders can choose from over 20 predefined trading strategies to create custom portfolios and automatically execute trades according to their specifications.

Our website features premium video tutorials to help traders get started. The tutorials range from basic trading techniques, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, to the types of risk and money management needed to become a successful trader. You can easily apply the lessons to the real time Forex market and trade like a professional in no-time.

We offer traders who are not yet familiar with the Forex market a No-Risk “PTA” Account for a limited period. Any losses incurred will be offset while gains will be credited to their live account after the trial period.

YouTradeFX also offers world-class business partnership solutions for financial institutions, brokers and private investors through our White Label, Asset Manager and Introducing Broker programs. Partnership solutions can be customized according to the partner’s business strategy, with flexible income sharing plans and other value-added support features.

Trading Technology
Our team of experts ensures that our clients operate in optimal conditions at all times. Accessibility, security, reliability, innovation and user-friendliness are key factors in providing the industry’s best trading conditions.

Information Technology Security
Our electronic trading infrastructure uses the most advanced technology to give you the best possible edge for online trading. This high-performance design offers optimal security against connectivity and latency issues thanks to a strategic arrangement of internet providers and data centers set up to accommodate clients across the globe. Our infrastructure is secured for business continuity with safeguards against data loss and downtime via a core disaster recovery plan and internal and external backup solutions.

Trading Technology Solutions
We offer the most comprehensive and advanced trading technology solutions, keeping business partners and clients ahead of the competition with the market’s most versatile, cutting-edge, secure, and user-friendly trading tools.

Plateformes de Trading
metatrader 4 YTFX
metatrader 4 YTFX
metatrader 4 YTFX
Ecarts: Des écarts bas et compétitifs à partir de seulement 0,5 pip, fixés 24 heures sur 24.

Effet de levier : Un plus grand pouvoir d'achat avec un effet de levier jusqu'à 1:400.

Frais: Pas de commission également pour la négociation des métaux au comptant.

Marge: Nous aidons les traders à protéger leur limite inférieure et à ne jamais avoir un solde négatif. Ils peuvent négocier avec une marge jusqu'à 1%..

Négociation de mini lots : Les traders peuvent déposer à partir de 100$ seulement. .

Compte SANS RISQUE: Les nouveaux traders peuvent s'entraîner sur le marché réel sans risquer leur investissement. Les pertes sont effacées alors que les profits sont crédités sur le compte actif.

Types de comptes: Les traders peuvent choisir entre quatre types de compte différents : Petit, en dessous de 5 000$, standard entre 5 000$ et 25 000$, classique entre 25 000$ et 100 000$ et premium a partir de 100 000$..

Comptes islamiques: Tous les types de comptes sont disponibles sous forme de comptes islamiques pour les investisseurs qui négocient sous la loi de la Sharia. Ces comptes n'ont pas de frais de swap/intérêts/roulement..

Outils de négociation: Les traders peuvent couvrir leurs positions ou utiliser des outils de négociation automatisés pour exécuter leurs stratégies de négociation et négocier sans restrictions.

Outils de négociation: Les traders peuvent couvrir leurs positions ou utiliser des outils de négociation automatisés pour exécuter leurs stratégies de négociation et négocier sans restrictions.

Technologie: Notre plateforme des opérations est la plateforme des opérations MTA primée, depuis le confort de votre ordinateur de bureau, de votre ordinateur portable et bientôt depuis votre téléphone portable.

Exécution: La plateforme MT4 obtient des informations sur les prix de plus de 14 institutions financières et banquières. C'est pour cela que nous pouvons offrir aux traders les tarifs les plus bas et les plus compétitifs, et la meilleure exécution 24 heures sur 24.

Pas de glissement: Notre plateforme des opérations assure une cotation et une exécution des ordres à la seconde près pour une négociation efficace.

Gestionnaire de compte: A chaque trader est attribué un gestionnaire de compte personnel avec une grande expérience des marchés financiers.

Assistance clients multilingue 24h/24h, 6 jours sur 7: nous sommes toujours à votre disposition pour donner des conseils professionnels et aider nos clients du monde entier à répondre à toutes leurs questions. Ils peuvent nous contacter via l'assistance en direct, par téléphone ou par courriel et nous leur répondons rapidement dans leur langue maternelle.

Cinq indices de CFD importants: Certains des plus importants et plus populaires indices boursiers au monde, y compris NASDAQ 100, DOW.

Retraits: Toutes les demandes de retraits de fonds sont traitées le jour même et transférées sur le compte du trader sous 3 jours ouvrables.

Education: Nous fournissons à nos clients le système de formation le plus complet qui soit. Ce programme comprend des tutoriels écrits détaillés ainsi que les meilleurs tutoriels vidéo que vous puissiez trouver.
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Spreads: Competitive and low spreads from just 1 pip, fixed 24 hours a day.

Leverage: Greater buying power with leverage up to 1:400.

Fees: Commission free for all trading instruments.

Margin: There are no margin requirements for accounts under $100,000. We feature guaranteed Stop-Loss meaning that traders cannot loose more than their original investment.

Mini Trading: Traders may deposit as little as $100, and to open a position with as little as small as $10,000 or 0.1 Lots.

RISK FREE Account: New traders can gain a real market practice without any risk to their investment. Hence loses are erased while profits are credited to the LIVE Account.

Account Classes: Traders can choose between four different account types: Mini for under $5,000, Standard $5000 -$25,000, Classic $25,000 - $100,000 and Premium Account for $100,000 and over.

Islamic Accounts: All of the account classes are available as Islamic Accounts for investors who trade under the Sharia law. These accounts feature no swap/interest/rollover charges.

Expert Advisors: Traders who are looking for Expert Advisors and Forex Robots are encouraged to compare various automated strategies on our website. They can they then purchase, install and run them with the help of their account manager.

Trading Tools: These include a currency converter, market news, quotes, charts, economic calendar as well as daily market analysis and trade recommendations written by our chief analyst.

Technology: Our trading platform is the award winning MT4 trading platform from the comfort of your desktop computer, your laptop and soon also from your mobile.

Execution: The MT4 platform obtains its price feed from over 14 financial and banking institutions. This is why we are able to offer traders most competitive and low rates and best execution 24 hours a day.

No Slippage:Our trading platform ensures up-to-the-second quoting and order execution for efficient trading.

Account Manager: Every trader is assigned a personal account manager with extensive experience in the financial markets.

Live 24/6 Multilingual Customer Support: We are always there to offer professional advice and assist our global clients with any questions they might have. They can contact us via Live Chat, telephone or email and will be responded promptly in their native language.

49 Tradable Instruments: These include 36 currency pairs, Gold, Silver, Oil, CFDs on the world’s biggest indices including NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE, CAC and so on. We also feature 17 stocks such as Google, GE, Microsoft, IBM, Wal-Mart and Apple .

Withdrawals: All withdrawal requests are processed the same working day and transferred to the trader’s account within 3 business days.

Education: We provide our customers the most comprehensive and complete educational system. The program includes detailed written tutorials as well as all-inclusive video tutorials.

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